‘Jas’ Butt Harness



Start the show with Jas, our captivating lead.

Unveil the allure of sensuality through this stellar gem of our latest collection.

Jas materialized from a realm of imagination, seamlessly blending robust, bold design with an unwavering devotion to intricate details. Marking a milestone in craftsmanship, ‘Jas’ emerges as a pinnacle of strength and self-expression—a definitive declaration of style. With an unprecedented assembly of hardware, ‘Jas’ exudes resilience and boldness, a masterpiece that harmonizes strength and allure effortlessly.

Included are three sets of elastic attachments, adorned with golden hooks, enabling versatile customization on the harness, ensuring both style and substance are at your fingertips.


Please make sure you provide a valid email address at check out so we can contact you for sizes and colours.
1. All of our products can also be made with vegan leather in (matte) black,white and brown or (glossy) black or red. If you would like your item(s) in any other colour, please contact us before placing your order.
2. A payment plan option with the possibility of spreading the costs of your purchase is now available. Email us at raptureofsenses@gmail.com for more information